FollowMD provides the highest quality of care, combining frequent, focused physician follow-up with health education and support.


Patients will be seen virtually by specialist physicians and followed frequently to ensure
they progress through their goals and achieve success.


After a first assessment, we customize each visit to help people set and achieve
attainable goals across multiple risk factors including:

managing blood pressure icon

Managing Blood Pressure

controlling cholesterol icon

Controlling Cholesterol

reducing blood sugar icon

Reducing Blood Sugar

getting active icon

Getting Active

eating better icon

Eating Better

managing weight icon

Managing Weight

quitting smoking icon

Quitting Smoking

sleeping well icon

Sleeping Well


Studies show that closer follow-up can help people better achieve targets
and lower their risks.

Our model of virtual care makes it easier for people across Ontario to see specialist doctors
while avoiding time off work, parking and crowded waiting rooms.